Will van der Vlugt

Will van der Vlugt

Will van der Vlugt, a Dutch stills photographer moved to film production – after a career as an advertising photographer – in 1977 when he founded Will van der Vlugt Film Productions. The agency produced for the international market, working with ad agencies all over the world. It created output for many companies and brands in different countries. In 2007 Will van der Vlugt renamed his company to Caramel Pictures.

Caramel Pictures - tabletop studio

Caramel Pictures has grown since its start and has its branches in Amsterdam, London, Miami and Dubai. The Amsterdam and London branches explore the European market and the Miami branch targets North and South America, while Dubai produces for its own domestic market (discontinued its shop in 2010). In 2012 Caramel Pictures opened another hub in Mumbai to explore the market in India. The company now has 5 offices, houses 9 tabletop directors and has one of the biggest film studios of the Netherlands that is set up in Amsterdam.


Caramel Pictures has produced hundreds of tabletop commercials for different countries, brands and products and has been involved in different charitable ventures. They also have moved into the production of films. Among the commercials, Caramel Pictures has created are the award-winning Centraal Beheer campaigns.


Some brands they produced for are Hyundai, Ford, Nescafe, Lindt, Amnesty International, McDonald's et al.

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