Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier is a freelance Director / DOP with an extremely refined visual style and technique. He is mastering many complicated SFX tricks and techniques and shooting amazing and spectacular food projects all over the world. He is a completely independent professional based in Europe but travels to every country. He shoots demo food parts often in combination with live-action.


After his study in photography, Ronald Koetzier worked as a cinematographer for the past 25 years on many international award-winning commercials. He has been directing in combination with cinematography for the last 15 years, filming in over 30 countries. He is very experienced in working with all high-speed motion control systems all over the world, in combination with the best SFX people. He loves working with The Bolt, Spike and all other Motion-control rigs worldwide for local crew and production company.


Many years of experience results in the fact that he is one of the best food commercial tabletop directors. In his projects, he becomes the engineer of the picture by concentrating on each necessary element of it – the light, slow motion, colour and effects. Ronald is a versatile director/dop and one of few who are willing to take up difficult projects – liquids, ice-cream, chocolate, juice, beer, fruits – the name of this director guarantees that the picture will be ideal and unique. He works often in Asia, China, USA, Australia and Russia. A few of his main clients are Nestle, Pepsico, Coca-cola, Danone, Mondelez, Kellogs and Unilever.


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