Max Losito

Max Losito

Max Losito is a photographer, cinematographer and tabletop director. He was born in Italy in 1972 and developed his eye while training in his father's still photography studio. As for every Italian, food has always been part of his life. Driven by innate passion and natural creative talent, he quickly rose to prominence as one of the youngest tabletop directors in the world. Now he is known largely for his work in the foodfilms, liquid, beauty and tabletop industries.


He founded Losito International Films in 2003 together with his father, also photographer.


Instituting the “concept” that a premium tabletop production company must have all their equipment and crew in-house, Losito International Films is able to provide a complete, full-service package to all of their international customers and have become a globally acclaimed production company.


With over 10 years of experience, Max remains fascinated by this new vision and way of communication. He uses his role as a director, DP and collaborative visionary to bring his skills to the service of customers, agencies, production houses and post-production houses both stateside and internationally.


Max has shot more than 150 commercials which include tabletop demos, food & beverages, beauty, objects, liquids and most notably, chocolate.



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