Kevan Bean

Kevan  Bean

Kevan Bean has a background in painting. He learned composition, colour and tone through the brush before the lens and quickly learned that discipline for the technical aspect of the medium. In his opinion, it requires mastery before it is possible to explore anything new, while tabletop directing is being one of the most technical of the cinematic arts – this is where he knows he would thrive. Kevan Bean likes seeing how far technology can be pushed, while coming up with new approaches, new ideas, evolving and pushing the genre.


Kevan’s experiences are all intertwined and something seemingly unrelated that inspires him weeks later as he set up a shot in his studio. Pushing limits taught him focus and determination, and he applies that to all of his work.


“Just do the work” is his motto. The work defines you, and only you define its limitations. He lives to test these limitations.