Jerzy Dytkiewicz

Jerzy Dytkiewicz

Jerzy Dytkiewicz, Tabletop Director, has worked as a cinematographer, but now he is entirely a commercial director. He is not new to the advertising industry – before directing he worked as a graphic designer and an art director.


His specialisations are food films and tabletop commercials. When he deals with details he treats it as a perfectionist. His commercials are striking productions.


Working previously in different fields he has a nonstandard approach towards the work. He bases his work on live recordings and tries to minimize computer-generated effects as much as possible.


He understands the needs of work with creative teams and knows that it’s very important to fulfil strategic assumptions. Mutual trust and effective cooperation are the basis of a good project.


Experienced with the best motion control systems: Milo Motion Control and Bolt high-speed arm and high-speed cameras. He combines sophisticated camera movements and interesting tricks with a non-standard point of view of the camera.


Sometimes he also does packshots or product demos.


He worked with the best tabletop directors like Tomek Siatkowski and Ronald Koetzier before he became a director on his own.


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