Foodfilm / Michael Roulier & Philippe Lhomme

Foodfilm / Michael Roulier & Philippe Lhomme

Michael Roulier and Philippe Lhomme are well known as global pioneers of modern food filmmaking and photography. Now, as well as with food, they increasingly work with luxury perfumes and cosmetics, taking this skill to a more conceptual level. They shot adverts for products of Neutrogena, Decleor, Garnier or l’Oreal. The field they operate now was found by accident: “Nobody was really interested in food, 15 years ago,” said Michael. “Then chefs became rock stars.” Working with the food magazines in the UK and Australian Vogue, the photographer and art director teamed up to bring the new style of food photography to film. 

Micheal Roulier & Philippe Lhomme - the FoodFilm experts

The FoodFilm caused “a mini-revolution” as they call it: talking about food without the need to incarnate it with people acting around a table.

“Food rarely behaves the way we expect, but we never use 3D, even though most people think we do. Everything must be real. We have small sets and do everything ourselves to influence the artistry — the colour, the framing, the lighting are all our actors.”


“Since most of our shots are in action, we always look for new techniques to create movement: once you’ve tried gravity, bangs, strings, air blows and so on, you need to ‘collaborate’ to go further. This is what we do with our special effects teams. They invent little ‘toys’ that help textures behave the way we have planned. Often with a very minimalist brief, it’s up to us to conceive and develop the creative. Agencies expect this from us. In the end, it’s all about craft,” says Philippe.

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