Ben Flaxman

Ben Flaxman

Ben is an Australian-based Director and Producer with over 15 years of experience in the Advertising Industry.


After finishing his tertiary education in Film, Ben moved into the advertising industry, initially as Production Manager and then transitioning to Producer. During his time at a Tabletop production company, Ben learnt about the dark arts that is food shooting and ultimately started directing. Whilst initially watching a hot Milo being stirred with a toothpick for 10 minutes without noticing any discernible difference, today he could probably espouse every reason why you need to stir it until friction sparks fly! 

Benjamin Flaxman - a professional tabletop director

He is a professional, collaborative, hard-working production partner who goes above and beyond to deliver. He is a respectful, ethical and trustworthy team player - and a great tabletop director.


Ben spends most of his time in the macro world where he gets up close and personal with his subjects. He likes to achieve in-camera results for an honest approach and an acute attention to detail to bring out the critical nuance. Ultimately, he is interested in storytelling with stunning imagery that is evocative, cinematic and sensory.  


In his spare time, he explores photography with a keen interest in landscapes, portraits and macro photography as well as being an avid film geek!


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