Tabletop Director

Tabletop director is the person with a big imagination and technical knowledge of how to use sophisticated machines such as robots, specially designed rigs, high-speed cameras, and other technology to create beautiful stunning images. Tabletop Directors work mostly with food (ie. foodfilms) but also with objects such as jewellery, watches, beauty, and fashion. The tabletop director needs also to know how to run a stage and how the whole industry works. They very often use a Phantom Camera.

Tabletop directors - foodfilm experts

Tabletop Directors have several food stylists who work on the set of shooting. They start with the very same food and recipes used in restaurants and stores. Tabletop Director approach is all about capturing beautiful images that evoke and move viewers. For tabletop directors, food represents typically three-quarters of their workload. That said, there are exceptions: many of these directors not only shoot food but also the live-action and other tabletop videos that their food shots are integrated with. There are many great directors - Ronald KoetzierNick Sawyer, Olaf van GervenEtienne Proulx, Ben Flaxman or Jezry Dytkiewicz to name a few.


Tabletop directors create food ads that are seen by tens of millions of viewers each week.


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