Tabletop Demoreel

Tabletop demo / Tabletop reel / Tabletop demo reel / Tabletop showreel is in general the portfolio of the tabletop director. It contains the most beautiful shots put together creating one longer movie. It is usually built with the best shots from different commercials done in recent time of the director to present the capabilities of each director. In tabletop industry, one of the most important types of demoreels are foodreels.

Demoreel - tabletop director's portfolio

Demo reels/showreels, in general, are used by many kinds of people involved in filmmaking and other media, including actors, animators, lighting designers, editors and others. Usually are up to 3 minutes in length. Typically a demo reel/showreel supplements a résumé and is used to promote an author to talent agents, producers and casting directors.


Outside of people and companies directly involved with video or film production, companies use showreels for brand management and other forms of marketing communications and public relations, hence, in this case, it is called a corporate showreel. Great example of a demoreel can be found on Food Film duo's page.


Tabletop Demo Reel of Jerzy Dytkiewicz


Tabletop Demo - food example


Tabletop Food Demo