Motion Control

Motion Control means motion that is very accurately, computer-controlled, using electrical motors. In the film and television industry, this has come to mean a field of filming where the camera movement is controlled by a computer so that the motion of the camera, in the studio or on location, can be repeated again and again, for the generation of special effects. It's one of the most important tools for tabletop directors.

Best motion control devices

Historically, motion control had its own controller and application software with motion-control algorithms to get the work done. Today, much of the motion control can be performed in the main control-system controller, if chosen carefully, but motion still requires speciality amplifiers/drives, motors, position feedback devices and precision mechanical linkage or actuators.


A variety of motion controllers are available. Regardless of the category of microcontroller selected, some key specifications to consider are the type of motion supported, number of axes, scan rate and feedback resolution. These play a big role in the controller and other motion-control products selected.


Milo - motion control rig


Motion control in car industry


Bolt - most popular motion control camera

Bolt Motion Control, highspeed arm by Mark Roberts