Foodfilm is about food and depicting only images of food, while tabletop can be almost about all objects. For example, a one-hour film with a 2-minute food scene should not be considered to be a “food film”. Likewise, a film which discusses food, or a food-related industry, but does not actually show images of food is not a foodfilm as well. Foodfilm director's portfolio is called a foodreel.

Difference between foodfilm and tabletop videos

Food film or foodfilm is more concentrated on the natural actions. Main differences between tabletop commercial and food film advertisements are that in food films there aren't so many tricks combine with sophisticated rigs or camera robots. This kind of films is more about the proper mood. Of course, very often high-speed camera as Phantom is being used but often slower frame rates (approx 200 fps) is good enough. Camera movement is more organic, and the general look of the commercial is much more natural.


Foodfilm example


Foodfilm director - photo example


What does foodfilm photos look like?